Thanks to its leading partnerships with some of the heavy-hitting hardware providers in the IT industry, Computer Atlanta is several steps ahead of the competition.

We showcase a diverse portfolio of hardware, including:

Cisco Telephony

As a trusted Cisco partner, Computer Atlanta supplies full IP telephony support for unified voice, video, and data communication. We find the best methods to leverage your network, and offer new Cisco IP telephony devices, equipment, switches, routers, and other accessories.

Cisco UC300 Series

Take advantage of IP telephony to reduce costs, boost productivity, and streamline a more collaborative company. Cisco Unified Communications 300 is an all-in-one network solution that is scalable to adapt to your ever-evolving business environment.

For remote small and medium-sized business users, Cisco UC300 has full wireless support, and is accessible when you're on the go. This innovative solution supports:

Cisco UC500 Series

Whether you need to move your business, or set up a convenient method for your employees to collaborate on projects and meetings, Cisco offers you an office in a box.

Cisco Unified Communications 500 presents small and medium-sized business owners with all the communications, data, and security capabilities your employees needs in one neat package. Cisco UC500 supports:

Cisco PRI

Imagine a single ISDN PRI solution that is robust and versatile enough to integrate multiple WAN E1/T1 connectivity. Cisco presents an integrated ISDN PRI Network Module that provides a direct connection to the telecommunications network. The key benefits include: