Virtualization/Server Consolidation

The costs associated with maintaining large server environments has transformed into a living, breathing energy and cost-drainage. Small and medium-sized businesses that are seeing their cost of ownership skyrocket due to operating data centers and server rooms are turning to virtualization for a needed fix.

Computer Atlanta's expertise in virtualization can create new value from your old hardware investments to drive increased productivity and improve your ROI.

Through server consolidation and desktop virtualization, your business can:

We have the resources to help you migrate to a virtual world. Our team is comprised of two VMware VCPs and IBM Certified specialists. We feature:

VMware Capacity Planner

Before starting the next virtualization phase, Computer Atlanta's team of VMware experts will work in tandem to set up your virtualization roadmap. By leveraging VMware capacity planner, you will have a complete view of your IT resource utilization—and how it can change following server consolidation.

VMware capacity planner brings keen insight for maximizing the full capabilities of your IT infrastructure.

Linux Virtualization

Through Computer Atlanta's Linux virtualization strategies and solutions, we are able to help you successfully abstract your operating system or the entire platform itself.

We offer a variety of configurable Linux OS solutions, each tailored to meet your unique hosting and user requirements.


Desktop virtualization has taken the business world by storm. Instead of managing individual desktops and applications, data center managers can set up centralized virtual connections that empower users to access data from any device, anywhere, anytime.

XenDesktop is a virtual solution that mobilizes a workforce that cannot stay chained to their desks. XenDesktop supports the delivery of:

Whether you are traveling to a client site, setting up a conference meeting, or working from home, XenDesktop will keep you connected on laptops, thin clients, Macs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets.


For sever and data center automation and consolidation look no further than XenServer as your turnkey virtualization solution.

XenServer is a comprehensive virtualization platform that can support secure integration, migration, and management. Moreover, XenServer is cloud compatible—giving you even more freedom to expand your infrastructure scalability or host applications in the cloud.